Frequently Asked Questions

Who is REI Hub for?

REI Hub is for all real estate investors and rental property owners who desire a better way to track, understand, and manage their portfolio. Unlike traditional accounting software (built for bookkeepers) or property management software (built for property managers) REI Hub is exclusively focused on the unique needs of the real estate investor. 

What does REI Hub do?

REI Hub is fully featured accounting software customized for investment property portfolios. We help you automatically track income, expenses, and your returns so that you can confidently know your numbers and be ready for tax time. Beyond bookkeeping, we provide organizational features like document and contact storage to keep you productive, efficient, and in control. 

My property manager (or software) already tracks income and expenses- why do I need accounting software?

Even if you already track income and expenses, accounting software can help investors understand and contextualize asset performance to a greater degree by including acquisition information, renovation costs, leverage, and current market value. Additionally, cash income and expense tracking alone does not provide all the information needed to maximize your deductions and properly file your tax return.

How does REI Hub differ from other accounting software?

Aside from our property-centric structure, our biggest value add is the ability to read and import data from property management statements. We pair this operational data with transactional data from your bank feeds to give you an automated, complete view of your real estate investments. We are dedicated to building innovative software focused on real estate investors.

How does REI Hub connect with financial institutions?

REI Hub uses a service called Yodlee to access a read-only transaction feed from checking, mortgage, and credit card accounts. To link a financial account to REI Hub, Yodlee will ask for your username and password to authorize the connection with your bank. REI Hub never has access to these credentials and takes your privacy and security very seriously. Find more information on Yodlee here.

I have more questions- how can I connect with REI Hub?

We would love to hear from you! Please reach out to us at