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REI Hub Features Property Based Accounting
Business-class accounting and bookkeeping in the language of real estate

Property Centric

In real estate investing, you need a property based perspective.  That's why REI Hub automatically reports your numbers on a property by property (or unit!) basis, no matter what plan you choose. 

Preconfigured for real estate investments

Don't worry about setting up your accounting software and chart of accounts- we've already done that for you!  By default, REI Hub is configured for easy IRS Schedule E reporting.

Rental specific transactions

Not sure how a security deposit should be recorded?  REI Hub includes preset rental transaction templates to help you get it right!  


Simple and safe account link

Connect to your bank accounts with our secure data providers, Plaid and Yodlee.  Automatically import recent transaction data for easy bookkeeping and to eliminate manual data entry!

Rules and recurring transactions

Dealing with lots of the same transactions every month?  Use our Rules system to match transactions based on description or amount to specific properties and revenue or expense accounts. 

Automated mortgage accounting

REI Hub lets you set up a template for your mortgage payment, automatically splitting it into principle pay down, interest expense, and escrow contribution. 

REI Hub Features Accounting Automation
Connect to your bank account and take advantage of REI Hub's real estate focused automations.


REI Hub Features Easy Reporting for Rental Property
Access both full financial reports as well as tax ready IRS Schedule E reports

Comprehensive financial reporting

Easily access all 3 major accounting reports- the Profit and Loss (available for portfolio, property, or unit), the Statement of Cash Flows, and the Balance Sheet (available for your Portfolio)

Your Schedule E, ready to go

REI Hub allows you to easily pull a Schedule E report for each property with no additional configuration.  You can even prorate overhead expenses across your entire portfolio!

Fixed Asset Tracking

Real estate investors know how important depreciation deductions are to their tax bills.  REI Hub allows you to track your Fixed Assets (including capital expenses) and accumulated depreciation. 


Lease Tracking

Stay ahead of your expiring leases- use REI Hub to help you track tenants, dates, and lease terms.  

Mileage Log

Do you  travel to manage or maintain your rental properties?  If so, you may be eligible to deduct eligible travel expenses.  Keep track with REI Hub's mileage log, which feeds directly into your Schedule E.

Receipt and Document Storage

Keep your records safe in the cloud.  Attach any file to any transaction with our easy to use upload tool.  You can even use your computer webcam to take pictures of receipts and directly attach to expenses!

Attach receipts, log your mileage, and keep key documents safe with REI Hub's integrated organizational suite.

Everything you need for your rental property books

  Easy setup for rentals

  Property based reporting

  Track income and expenses

  Rental specific templates

  Tax ready reports

  Fixed asset tracking

  Document storage

  Mileage log

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