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Built for rentals.  Built for real estate.
​Built for investors like you. 

Take the stress out of tracking your rental portfolio

Save Time 

REI Hub connects to your bank accounts and imports a read-only transaction feed- allowing you to view and categorize your income and expenses without manual entry!

Get Organized

Track and manage more than just income and expenses!  REI Hub allows you to store contact information, upload documents, and create unit or property notes.

Know Your Numbers

Good financial books and records make it easier to compare properties, gain insight about your operations, and to make data driven decisions.

Be Ready for Tax Time  

Easily export all your information into tax friendly reports for your CPA or tax filing software.

Key Features:
  • Automate income and expense tracking
  • Link your operating and loan bank accounts
  • Easily categorize transactions
  • Monitor monthly cash flow
  • View portfolio, property, and unit level dashboards and reports
  • View Balance sheet, Profit and Loss report, and Cash Flow statement
  • Lease and Tenant Tracking
  • Online document and contact storage
  • Property and unit level notes

Accounting software for the modern real estate investor

Real Estate Ready

Save time with a system built for your specific use case.  

Cloud Based

Access from anywhere, anytime.  All you need is an internet connection. 

Mobile Friendly

Responsively designed for a great viewing experience on any device

Secure and Private

Your security and data safety are our top priority.  We never sell or distribute your personal information. 

Product Tour

Add properties and units

Get started by adding a property. We'll ask for a few details and how the property is currently being used. Long term rentals, short term or vacation rentals, and flips are all supported.

Adding properties and units automatically creates corresponding entries in the chart of accounts and on the balance sheet.

Link financial accounts

Connect to your operating bank accounts, credit cards, and loan accounts.  REI Hub will automatically import your recent transactions and present them for categorization.  

Say goodbye to outdated information and tedious data entry!

Set up Mortgage Templates

Your mortgage payment is more than just an expense- it is actually a loan re-payment wrapped in interest, insurance, and tax expenses.  REI Hub lets you to set up a template for your mortgage payment, allowing the transaction to be split into its component parts automatically. 

Categorize transactions to keep your books up to date

After creating properties and linking accounts, you're now ready to do the work and categorize transactions!

REI Hub's chart of accounts is customized for real estate by default, simplifying ongoing bookkeeping.

Stay organized and maintain records with receipt, document, contact, and note storage

Keep all of your records safe in the cloud!  Snap a photo of a receipt to link it to an expense. Keep track of your tenants, vendors, and property managers with contact storage. Upload key documents like closing statements, leases, and operating agreements. Never forget key details with property and unit level notes!

View dashboards and reports, gain insight

View key information at a glance with portfolio, property, and unit level dashboards.

Gain serious business insight with configurable reports, including balance sheets, cash flow statements, and profit and loss reports.  Pull reports by portfolio, property, or unit. 

Relax about tax

Take the stress out of tax time with REI Hub!  Keep great books, maintain key records and receipts, and maximize your deductions.

Generate a tax ready report with just one click- ready for your CPA or tax preparation software.

Why investors choose REI Hub

REI HubDIY SpreadsheetsQuickbooks Online Plus
Income and Expense Tracking
Ready for Real Estate out of the box
 Bank link and transaction import
 Property and Unit level reporting
One-click Schedule E reports
for tax preparation 
Balance sheet and capital accounts
 Document, Notes, and
Contact Storage

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is REI Hub for?

REI Hub is for all real estate investors and rental property owners who desire a better way to track, understand, and manage their portfolio. Unlike traditional accounting software (built for bookkeepers) or property management software (built for property managers) REI Hub is exclusively focused on the unique needs of the real estate investor. 

What does REI Hub do?

REI Hub is fully featured accounting software customized for investment property portfolios. We help you automatically track income, expenses, and your returns so that you can confidently know your numbers and be ready for tax time. Beyond bookkeeping, we provide organizational features like document and contact storage to keep you productive, efficient, and in control. 

My property manager (or software) already tracks income and expenses- why do I need accounting software?

Cash income and expense tracking alone does not provide all the information needed to maximize your deductions and properly file your tax return.  Additionally, accounting software can help investors understand asset performance to a greater degree by including acquisition information, renovation costs, debt service, and current market value. 

How does REI Hub differ from other accounting software?

REI Hub is specialized accounting and bookkeeping software designed for a specific asset class and use case.  This focus allows us to concentrate solely on providing the best and easiest to use accounting software for real estate investors and rental property owners.

On the other hand, most other accounting software companies are designed to support a wide range of industries and customer types.  That can be great for a traditional small business, but more challenging for unique businesses like real estate. 

How does REI Hub connect with financial institutions?

How does REI Hub connect with financial institutions?

REI Hub uses a service called Yodlee to access a read-only transaction feed from checking, mortgage, and credit card accounts. To link a financial account to REI Hub, Yodlee will ask for your username and password to authorize the connection with your bank. REI Hub never has access to these credentials and takes your privacy and security very seriously. Find more information on Yodlee here.

I have more questions- how can I connect with REI Hub?

I have more questions- how can I connect with REI Hub?

We would love to hear from you! Please reach out to us at 

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