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Tax season is over...for now

But next tax season is coming fast!  That's why at REI Hub, we are hard at work to keep making our groundbreaking rental accounting solution even more powerful and easy to use. 

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Feature Spotlight:

Transaction Matching Rules

Do you have recurring revenues and expenses that you book through the Import Feed?  If so, transaction matching rules are for you!

Set up Rules to help you save time and accurately book frequent transactions.  You fill out the property and accounts once and set the rule- and then system fills it for you on future transactions!


Resource Review:

REI Hub Accounting software for rental property

Why you need a separate bank account for your rental properties

Want to get your bookkeeping done faster, minimize your tax burden, and set yourself up for successful growth?  

If so, you better make sure you have a separate bank account for your rental property investments!  This is step number one for easier and more scalable bookkeeping.  Click below to read on.


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Do you love how REI Hub helps you save time and on your bookkeeping? Know any other rental property investors?  

Refer a friend to REI Hub and we'll give you both $50 in bill credits when they subscribe!  No codes or template emails needed- just let us know so we can help you for helping us.


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