Real Estate Accounting Software

Link accounts and cards, track income and expenses, understand returns, and be ready for tax time.

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REI Hub Properties

Built from the ground up for real estate

Get up and running faster without having to learn accounting jargon by using a system built for real estate activities like:

      • Long Term Rentals
      • Short Term Rentals
      • Fix and Flips
REI Hub link property management account

Import your property management statement

Connect more than just your bank accounts.  Your operational data is already there- REI Hub can help you access and understand it. 

Manage cash flow and understand returns

Real estate specific return calculations and reports out of the box help provide crucial business insight.  All available on a unit, property, entity, and organization level.

Core Accounting Features

  • Automated income and expense tracking
  • Operating and Loan Accounts sync
  • Import your property management statement
  • Monitor monthly cash flow
  • View general and real estate specific returns
  • Lease Tracking
  • Online contact storage
  • Online document storage 
  • Property and unit level notes
  • And more!

True, fully featured, double entry accounting

More than just income and expense tracking- REI Hub is a complete accounting system capable of producing balance sheets, profit and loss, and cash flow statements. 

Owner Dashboards

Get a birds eye view of your entire portfolio and performance in one place. 

Reporting for real estate, right out of the box

Pre-configured to view performance on an unit, property, entity, or portfolio level.

Simplify tax time    

Easily export all your information into tax friendly reports for your CPA or tax filing software.

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