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Add properties and units

Get started by adding a property.  We'll ask for a few details and how the property is currently being used.  Long term rentals, short term or vacation rentals, and flips are all supported.

Link financial accounts

Connect to your operating bank accounts, credit cards, and loan accounts.  REI Hub will automatically import your recent transactions and present them for categorization.  

Say goodbye to outdated information and tedious data entry! 

Set up Mortgage Templates

Your mortgage payment is more than just an expense- it is actually a loan re-payment wrapped in interest, insurance, and tax expenses.  REI Hub lets you set up a template for your mortgage payment, allowing the transaction to be split into its component parts automatically. 

Categorize transactions to keep your books up to date

After creating properties and linking accounts, you're now ready to do the work and categorize transactions!

REI Hub's chart of accounts is customized for real estate by default, simplifying ongoing bookkeeping.

Stay organized and maintain records with receipt, document, contact, and note storage

Keep all your records safe in the cloud!  Snap a photo of a receipt to link it to an expense. Keep track of your tenants, vendors, and property managers with contact storage.  Upload key documents like closing statements, leases, and operating agreements.  Never forget important details with property and unit notes!

View dashboards, run reports, 
gain insight

View key information at a glance with portfolio, property, and unit level dashboards.

Gain serious business insight with configurable reports, including balance sheet, statement of cash flows, and profit and loss.  Pull reports by portfolio, legal entity, property, or unit. 

Feel ready for tax time

Take the stress out of tax time with REI Hub!  Keep great books, maintain key records and receipts, and maximize your deductions.

Generate a tax ready report with just one click- ready for your CPA or your tax preparation software. 

Pricing and Plans

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Included Units

up to 5 units

up to 20 units

unlimited units

Multi-entity reporting


Easy setup for rental property

Income and Expense tracking

Tax and accounting reports

Integrated organization suite

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Start my 30 day free trial - Now with no credit card required!

Try it for free for 30 days - Now with no credit card required.


Up to 5 units


Start my 30 day free trial now!


Up to 20 units
+multi-entity reporting


Start my 30 day free trial now!


Unlimited units
+multi-entity reporting


Start my 30 day free trial now!

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