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Purpose built for rental property owners and real estate investors.

Why try REI Hub instead 

Easy to set up right

REI Hub lets you get your portfolio set up quickly and easily because we were made for rentals. QuickBooks needs to be manually adjusted and set up for rentals. Do you want to get to work on your books, or your accouting software?

Made for property owners

We only build software for property owners and investors, so we can integrate real estate specific features like lease tracking and document storage. QuickBooks was built for the average small business- not investment property owners.

Lower price, higher value

 REI Hub includes portfolio, property, and unit level reporting in every plan, starting at just $10/m.  To see your numbers by property in QuickBooks Online, you would need their $70/m plan.*  Even if you only have 2 units.

*QuickBooks Online 'Plus' Plan. Price is after promotional offers expire.  Last updated April 2020. 

 Compare to QuickBooks

FeaturesREI HubQuickBooks Online
Track income and expenses
Capture receipt images
 Maximize tax deductions
Easy setup for rental properties
Real estate specific transaction templates
 Reporting at every level- portfolio, legal entity, property, and unit
 Automatic Schedule E summary
Chart of accounts pre-configured for real estate
 Integrated document storage and lease tracking
Affordable pricing based on your portfolio size

Pricing and plans

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Up to 5 units


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Up to 20 units
+multi-entity reporting


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Unlimited units
+multi-entity reporting


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REI Hub was built from the ground up for rental property accounting- see the product

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