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Accounting for your vacation rentals doesn't have to be hard.  Use the right tool for the job and see how much easier it can be!

REI Hub is built from the ground up for to make bookkeeping as fast and easy as possible for rental property owners and investors.  

vacation rental property accounting dashboard
REI Hub makes dedicated rental property accounting software

Simple to setup

Ready for short-term rentals. No tweaking necessary.

Spend less time setting up your accounting system and more time finding your next investment.  

REI Hub is preconfigured for vacation rentals so you can focus on everything else. 

1) Sign up for REI Hub

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2) Add Properties

Quickly create a property with just a few details. 

3) Add Accounts

Add your rental bank, mortgage, loan, or credit card accounts

4) Keep Your Books

Easily categorize and add transactions to your books

Easy to use

Track vacation rental income and expenses

Short-term rentals have more monthly transactions than long-terms rentals. REI Hub lets you skip the data entry and never miss an expense by connecting to your bank accounts and importing a read-only transaction feed. This allows you to quickly view and categorize all your income and expenses.

If you'd rather add transactions yourself- no problem.  Manual entry of income, expenses, and journal entries are all supported. 

imported transaction feed
Automatically import transactions
REI Hub Property Management Page
Manage your property manager

Record net deposits

Whether your property is professionally managed or deposits are coming from Airbnb, vacation rental payments often reflect both income and expenses. REI Hub has built in support for property management accounts and distributions, so you always get the full picture of your financial performance - even with net deposits. If you list through more than one marketplace, we handle that too.

Financing and operations, together

Operational income and expenses are only half the picture. REI Hub tracks your property's loans and even splits monthly payments into their principal, interest, and escrow amounts automatically for a true picture of your property's financial impact.

View or export all major accounting reports (Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss, Cash Flow Statement) or your one-click Schedule E.

One-click Schedule E Report
One-click Schedule E report

Best vacation rental accounting software

Any accounting software can be helpful

There are a lot of different accounting options out there.  Most are made for generic small businesses, not rental property and real estate.  Despite that, using any form of accounting software can help you:

  • Save time

One of the core benefits of accounting software is the ability to link to your business bank account and import a transaction feed.  It is a safe and secure way to drastically reduce manual data entry, saving you lots of time.

  • Count every expense

Beyond efficiency, working off an imported transaction feed also increases the accuracy of your books. By using a feed, it is easier to ensure you have included every transaction and expense.  If you are not claiming all expenses, you are overpaying taxes.

  • Organize your receipts

Accounting software provides a framework that helps you keep your data organized, accessible, and easily communicable.  In addition, modern accounting software is cloud based and allows you to link and store digital copies of receipts.  Not having to physically keep your receipts or use a separate system to manage them helps keep your financial management simple. 

Accounting software designed for vacation rentals is better

While most accounting softwares can be tweaked to work with investment property, it is not always seamless. REI Hub is designed to simplify your bookkeeping and provide industry specific value.  Benefits include:

  • Easy to set up

Our software is ready to go for short-term rentals right out of the box.  You don't need to change the chart of accounts, watch YouTube videos on setting up classes, or navigate endless accounting jargon.  Instead, you can simply add your properties, add your accounts, and get on with keeping your books. 

  • Painless to use

REI Hub is easy to use and understand, especially for real estate investors without much accounting experience. It simplifies the bookkeeping for short-term rentals with dashboards for each property, support for property managers and net deposits, and one-click Schedule E reports.

  • Flexible

Vacation rental owner's use REI Hub in many ways: some made their first property purchase and others came with a portfolio; some self-manage units and others rely on a professional. Whatever your situation, REI Hub is up to the task, and our team is ready to help you know your numbers and keep better books.

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